Package org.codehaus.enunciate.modules.jersey

Class Summary
AdvisedResourceFactory<T> Factory for JSR 311 resources that are advised.
DelegatingJAXBContext Convenience context that just delegates its methods.
EnunciateJAXBContextResolver Context resolver for JAXB.
EnunciateJerseyServletContainer Enunciate-specific servlet container that adds additional Enunciate-supported functionality to the Jersey JAX-RS container.
EnunciateSpringComponentProviderFactory An enunciate-aware spring component provider factory.
JerseyDeploymentModule Jersey Module
PrefixMapper A namespace prefix mapper.

Annotation Types Summary
ExternallyManagedLifecycle Annotation for specifying that this resource's lifecycle is to be managed external to the Jersey runtime.
SpringManagedLifecycle Deprecated. Use @ExternallyManagedLifecycle