Package org.codehaus.enunciate.json



Annotation Types Summary
JsonIgnore Denotes that the annotated element should be explicitly ignored, where it might be implicitly included.
JsonName Overrides the JSON name naturally derived for a type or property.
JsonProperty Denotes that a field or method exposes a JSON object property.
JsonRootType Denotes that a type represents a JSON type that can be the root of a RESTful resource representation or RPC message.
JsonSchema Denotes that a package represents a JSON schema.
JsonType Denotes that a type represents a JSON type.
JsonTypeMapping Explicitly defines a mapping of the specified type to a target JSON type.
JsonTypeMappings Explicitly defines mappings of the specified types to target JSON types.

Package org.codehaus.enunciate.json Description


Annotations that denote classes as serializable to JSON. These annotations are designed to be similar to those used in JAXB and Jackson, but are meant to be neutral from a specific serialization engine. Ideally, in the future, there will be a JSR similar to JAXB for the purpose of binding to JSON serialization.